Events 2017

 Events in bold are TTBS events

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 Monday 02 January

 Winter Walk

 Sunday 05 February

 Winter Walk

 Sunday 05 March

 Winter Walk

 Sunday 19 March

 Port Fonty Clean-up Day

 Saturday 25 March

 AGM - Marlow

 Sunday 09 April

 Spring Lunch

 Sunday 23 April

 Port Fonty Boating Day

 Sunday 23 April

 Tudor Pull

 Sunday 14 May

 Port Fonty Boating Day

 Saturday 27 - Sunday 29 May

 Spring Cruise

 Friday 02 - Sunday 04 June

Beal Park Boat Show

 Sunday 25 June

 Port Fonty Boating Day

 Wednesday 28 June - Sunday 02 July

 Henley Royal Regatta

 Monday 10 - Friday 14 July

 Cruise with French on Thames

 Friday 14 - Sunday 16 July

 Thames Traditional Boat Festival

Monday 28 July - Sunday 11 August

 Summer Cruise in Holland

 Sunday 06 August

 Port Fonty Boating Day

 Sunday 20 August

 Summer Boating Day at Temple River Garden

 Sunday 27 August

 Skiff Championships Regatta

 Saturday 09 September

 Great River Race

 Sunday 10 September

 Port Fonty Boating Day

 Sunday 01 October

 End of Season Boating Day

 Saturday 14 October

 Autumn Social

 Sunday 22 October

 Port Fonty Boating Day

Sunday 11-12 November

 Winter Walk

 Sunday 03 December

 Winter Walk

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